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Platform presentation upload guidelines

After the symposium you are kindly invited to upload your PowerPoint for your platform presentation at the SETAC Europe 24thLCA Symposium.
Presentations will be available till 6 months after the symposium.

Instructions for uploading your presentation using online software:

  • Log into the platform presentation upload module. Can’t remember your SETAC login credentials? Please contact Veerle Vandeveire
  • Click “upload presentation” in the upper right corner of screen.
  • Select the presentation you wish to upload file into.
  • Click “browse” to locate the file on your local computer you wish to upload (Presentations should be ppt, pptx or pdf).
  • Click “Submit” to upload your selected file (note: This may take several minutes depending on how large the file is).
  • Repeat process if you wish to upload more than one file.
  • Click “delete” to the right of the file if you wish to delete the uploaded file
  • You can log in at any time and see the files you uploaded by clicking (Your Uploads) in the upper right corner of the screen. You cannot view the content of the files after you uploaded them, only the file name. To view your file, go to “View Presentations” under the 24th SETAC Europe LCA Symposium in the general presentation module and log in with your SETAC credentials.