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Programme Committee

Local Organising Committee:

The symposium is organised by BOKU-LCA Platform. This platform is a forum within BOKU that aims at bringing together researchers from across BOKU University involved or interested in LCA and help keep and further develop LCA capability at BOKU. It is a hub for LCA knowledge exchange, for discussing BOKU relevant methodology challenges, for utilisation of synergies (e.g. datasets) and for internal peer review.

Meeting Chair: Iris Kral, BOKU University on behalf of BOKU-LCA Platform, Austria

Meeting Co-Chair: Nicole Unger, St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, Austria

Scientific Committee Members:

LCA-platform* BOKU – University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna                                               Austria
Andreas Ciroth GreenDelta Germany
Alexander Passer University of Technology Austria
Cecile Bessou Cirad, Systèmes de Pérennes France
Heinz Stichnothe ünen-Institut für Agrartechnologie Germany
Henry King Unilever United Kingdom
Mark Huijbregts Radboudt Univeristy the Netherlands
Michele de Rosa 2.0 / Bonsai Spain
Niels Jungbluth ESU-services Ltd. Switzerland
Roland Hischier EMPA Switzerland
Sabine Deimling Thinkstep Germany
Serenella Sala European commission– JRC Italy
Shabbir H. Gheewala King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi Thailand
*Franziska Hesser, Gerhard Piringer, Gudrun Obersteiner, Julia Anna Jungmair, Magdalena von der Thannen, Martin Kühmaier, Michaela Theurl, Miriam Lettner,Roman Paratscha, Roman Smutny, Sebastian Gollnow, Stefan Hörtenhuber, Werner Zollitsch

SETAC Europe Staff:

Bart Bosveld Executive Director    Belgium
Rebecca Bundschuh Education Project Manager    Belgium
Delphine Delire Communications Manager    Belgium
Roel Evens Scientific Project Manager    Belgium
Barbara Koelman Office & Meeting Manager    Belgium
Veerle Vandeveire Finances & Meeting Registration Manager    Belgium