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Call for Abstracts

Submit your abstract by 13 June!

The symposium’s theme is: Food, Fibre, Feed, Fertiliser, Fuel and Other Resources: The Role of LCA in Shaping the Future

The focus is on the application of LCA in case studies. We are, therefore, looking for abstracts that fit one of the following two distinct theme clusters:

We invite contributions related to renewable and non-renewable resources, from feedstock to product and waste, including infrastructure. Examples are:

  • Agricultural production systems and aquaculture systems
  • Wood and wood-based products
  • Waste, WEEE, food waste, industrial waste streams
  • Buildings and construction
  • Products, services and organisations
  • Infrastructure and mobility
  • Energy

The abstract should discuss the application of LCA in case studies. This includes LCA case studies on:

  • Reliability of environmental footprints: Quantifying the uncertainty/variability of footprints in practice and show the implications for policymaking
  • Circular economy
  • Labelling and Environmental Product Declarations
  • Footprinting and streamlined assessments
  • Practical challenges such as how to assess multiple and cascading uses

Every LCA practitioner needs ‘tools’. In this theme cluster, we invite contributions discussing the use of tools, software, data and databases, both commercial and non-commercial. These might be from the point of view of the software, tools or data provider or user.

PhD corner

Following the tradition of the SETAC Europe LCA conference series, we want to give PhD students a platform to present their work (early stage, work in progress, or outcomes).

For PhDs, this will present an opportunity to:

  • Share their research with a wide audience
  • Highlight issues they find challenging and maybe get input, feedback, or ideas from others
  • Meet other PhDs working in the field of LCA
  • Network and mingle with the LCA community
  • Practice presenting at scientific events
  • Hear and learn from others

Other attendees will learn what research will be published/become available over the next few years – it might be useful for their own work. Moreover, they get to know the next generation of LCA experts.

Please indicate if your work is in relation to a PhD thesis when submitting your contribution.

Abstract Submission is now open!

Authors are invited to submit an abstract for oral or poster presentation by Wednesday 13 June, 23:59h CET. Scientific Committee will select accepted abstracts by Monday 16 July.

  • The title should be no longer than 200 characters, while the abstract is limited to 2500 characters (INCLUDING SPACES).
  • Abstract has to fit in one of the principal themes
  • Abstract should be clear and well written, and structured as follows: introduction with hypothesis/research question, methodology, results and interpretation.
  • The abstract should contain information and/or data that demonstrates that high quality science will be presented.
  • Indicate in the body text if your contribution is in relation to a PhD thesis.
  • Specify presentation preference in the submission module: Platform (oral presentation) or Poster
  • Abstract must NOT promote a commercial product, process, or service.
  • Authors should comply with instructions and deadlines provided with the call for abstracts.
  • By submitting an abstract you are agreeing to and understand that all presenters must pay for registration and attend the meeting.
  • The Scientific Committee will try to accommodate all abstracts in the requested presentation format but due to a limited amount of platform slots, it may turn out that not all preferences can be respected. The decision to accept an abstract for a platform presentation will be made based on thematic fit and consistency within a session.
  • Upon acceptance of your short abstract, submission of a conference paper/extended abstract will NOT be required.
  • All abstracts will be made available in a digital abstract book.
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